Climate Corporation

I-90 Seed Solutions is proud to be a recognized dealer of The Climate Corporation. Learn more about the products and services from The Climate Corporation below and be sure to contact us today to talk about the specific needs of your operation.

Climate Basic™

Climate Basic™ provides you with agronomic and weather data at the field level so you can make more informed decisions. With mobile access and visibility into current and future field conditions, you can make timely operational decisions anytime, anywhere.
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Climate Pro™

Combine your experience with insights from Climate Pro™, a powerful decision support tool that helps you make more informed decisions. Climate Pro helps you stop problems before they impact yield and improve efficiency with smart, field-level information, all captured in one place so it’s easy to share with your trusted advisor. Insights from Climate Pro build on the field intelligence provided by Climate Basic™ for a feature-rich, decision support tool.
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Precision Planting

Precision Planting is a leader in agriculture technology. We develop innovative products and solve important agronomic issues facing growers. And we provide the insights and assistance so each farmer can reach their best yield.
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If your field varies, shouldn’t your seeding rate? FieldScripts® is a variable rate seeding prescription customized for each unique field and hybrid; it is designed to optimize yield potential and reduce risk by developing a planting plan for every seed. Using data science and analytics to diagnose your unique field conditions, FieldScripts delivers a prescription that you can easily and confidently execute right from your cab.
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