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We are focused on being MORE for our customers, that is why we offer leading products including DEKALB® Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete™, DEKALB® Genuity® VT Triple PRO™ and DEKALB® Genuity® VT Double PRO™ RIB Complete, Asgrow® Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield®, and many more. With DEKALB® and Asgrow® products, farmers all across our region are experiencing better performance on their operations year-after-year.


DEKALB® is a seed brand providing corn and other products to farmers in all regions of the US. DEKALB® has a 100 year legacy of performance. DEKALB® represents outstanding yield potential with the following benefits:

  • Superior performance through industry-leading genetics selected from a global germplasm pool and Genuity® traits
  • A wide selection of products to fit the land you farm
  • Backed with 100 years of performance, innovation and dedication to the US farmer

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Seed Resource Guide

The Asgrow® and DEKALB® seed guide is so advanced it does the searching for you. Their is no need to search through hundreds of pages to find the right seed for your fields. agSeedSelectTM lets you create your own custom seed guide with recommendations based on your specific zip code and crops. Visit and find the products that are right for you.


Farmers rely on Asgrow® soybeans to deliver a consistent, high yielding performance year after year. When you plant Asgrow® soybeans, you can be confident you are getting high-performing seed with the following benefits:

  • Excellent yield potential driven by advanced breeding techniques and elite, exclusive genetics
  • Uniform protection against diseases and pests
  • Consistent performance plant to plant, field to field and year to year based on a  commitment to innovations for the U.S. soybean market

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Ag Anytime

agAnytime™ is your source for timely agronomic information tailored to your requirements. Use the powerful filtering system to find articles relevant to your crops and search for specialized content by keyword. To find the information needed to get the most out of your efforts, visit today.