I-90 Services

Our customers value the personal service that the I-90 team delivers every time. For I-90, it is about making our customer’s businesses more productive, and building a relationship that goes beyond their expectations. We are a full service seed dealership with the following offering:

Service Offering
  • Seed Treatment/Inoculation
  • Crop Scouting
  • Field Mapping
  • FieldScripts
  • Integrated Farming Systems
  • Test Plots
  • Expedited Seed Delivery


Focus on FieldScripts

FieldScripts was designed to provide farmers with a valuable new approach to boost on-farm productivity while also supporting more sustainable agriculture systems for our growing world. Watch the following video to learn more.

FieldScripts in Action

You will work with an experienced I-90 agronomist to identify inputs like field boundaries, yield data, and fertility test results. Then I-90 works with you to select the fields that will be enrolled in FieldScripts. Using Monsanto’s extensive seed-by-environment data, I-90 will then deliver a variable rate seeding prescription by yield management zone and a recommendation for the best hybrid for each field. The prescription will be provided through Precision Planting’s FieldView™ app for the iPad® handheld device to your tractor. The prescription can then be executed using Precision Planting’s 20/20 SeedSense® monitor and planter control system.

Contact us today to learn more about FieldScripts and to see if it is right for your operation.